There’s a joke about just such a  dead kitten,

A kid discovers his kitten lying on the floor stiff and cold. He begins to cry. His dad tries to comrot the  boy. “Look,” says the father, “we’ll give your kitten a big funeral. I’ve got a fancy wooden cigar box, and we’ll put him in there with some velvet scraps from your mother’s sewing box. then we’ll dig a hole in the backyard and we’ll write a special burial service and say it over the casket. And then we’ll  make a cross down in my workshop and put the kitten’s name on it in gold paint.” Just then the kitten begins to stir and wiggle and come back to life. The kid sees this and says, “Dad, can we kill it?”

                                                            — P.J. O’Rourcke


This book series follows explorations and discoveries of growth and life. Delightfully dark. You might even call them infectious...